The Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startups List of potential future unicorns

In partnership with TrueBridge Capital Partners

Submission deadline: July 28, 2018 | Publication date: November 2018


How we build the Next Bill List

Since 2015, the annual Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startups List, produced in partnership with TrueBridge Capital Partners, seeks to identify the top 25 next generation technology or tech-enabled companies most likely to achieve unicorn status based on current financial and growth metrics.


Companies must be private and venture-backed with a valuation of less than $1 billion and must submit an application to be considered for the list.


First, we use submissions from companies and venture capitalists, as well as limited third-party data and historical lists, to form a comprehensive set of data points for the Next Bill model.


Next, we calculate a company’s ranking and eligibility based on numerous factors including valuation and revenue (which are more heavily weighted), followed by user/customer count and headcount, among others. Companies will be ranked 1-10 and the remainder will be listed alphabetically.


My company was on the list a previous year, are we eligible for the list again?

No, this is an opportunity to showcase new, upcoming startups.

Why is the methodology different this year?

In order to create the highest quality and most accurate list, TrueBridge has adjusted its methodology to include additional data.

Is my data secure and who sees it?

Your data will be securely transmitted and confidentially stored with TrueBridge. We do not share any data (not even with Forbes) without your consent.

What information will be published?

Forbes only includes companies on the final list who agree to include broad revenue ranges (not exact numbers) in the published list. No specific metrics will be published without your consent.

I submitted, what now?

Once you submit, you will receive an e-mailed copy of your submission and TrueBridge or Forbes may contact you for additional information.

When will I be notified that my company is on the list?

Your company will be notified once the list is published in November; however, Forbes may choose to reach out in advance if they decide to write a featured article on your company.

Is it beneficial to apply to the list multiple times?

No, only one application per company will be considered and additional submissions will not factor into rankings.

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